Warframe is a game made by Digital Extremes which is a Free-To-Play, MMO, 3rd person, Space Ninja game with a heavy focus on grinding. One of the game's features is "Alerts" which are time sensitive mission which in return for their completion give rewards, some of which are quite rare.

When I was grinding almost every night with my friends, we would make use of online resources to see

What I needed

I needed something that would let me know when specific rewards from Alerts were active. After a while, I realised that I would have to make it myself.

What I ended up doing

I made quite a simple Java application with a rudimentary GUI. It goes to Warframe's RSS feed read through the XML line by line (yes I know now that there were easier ways) every minute. If a difference was found, it would send an email to me. After some refactoring and messing around with the JDBC, I got the application emailing me and writing the Alerts to an SQL server.
Now we're cooking with gas.

Now we have the data, we need to make use of it

At the time I was making a WebForms project and I wanted to display my collection of Alerts, so I made use of FusionCharts. In almost no time I had my first chart showing a number of Alerts per day. As you can see the Alert data started trickling in on the 25th Oct 2016. First month of Alert Data

Now I have information and with that, comes Responsibility (or something like that)

So the data is coming in, about 40 Alerts a day. And of course, something goes wrong. One of the first things to go wrong was caused by piss poor exception handling or lack thereof... IOException. Soon after fixing that a power outage. Soon after that the realisation that my SQL Server is reseeding all of the tables' identities after each unexpected shutdown. Example of Downtime
The legendary 63 and a half hour downtime

Cleaning up the mess

Since then I have rewritten the application in a C# console app, in a way that saves Alerts, Invasions and Outbreaks to the Database. Refactored the code so that everything is easier to modify, changed the database so that it's less complicated, and integrated PushJet for push notifications.
After I had rewritten the application I came to the realisation that there aren't about 40 Alerts a day, but instead around a 100.

What am I doing now?

I'm thinking of joining the Warframe Dev Community. As soon as I have something that I consider good enough, I'll contact them, dont you worry.

For now, you can check out the downloads page at